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UX design & planning

GETSTARTUP knows that conversion comes through website engagement and ease of use. Great UX means more business and increased brand awareness because when your customer can see what they want to see on your site, they will keep coming back.

Your website should be an interactive environment and not just a presentational one. The primary objective of a website is to encourage potential or existing customers to engage more effectively with your brand. The importance of this cannot be left to chance and thus it is vital that time and resources are spent carefully considering how:

  • 1. your customers are currently interacting with your brand, and
  • 2. how you would ideally like them to be interacting with your brand.

What’s wrong with your current UX?

Many brands need to make the shift from presenting information which they think their customers might want to see, to offering their customers ease of access to find and engage with the information that is important to them. In other words we need to put ourselves in our customers shoes.

Businesses should embrace tools to help them identify what is and isn’t working. At GETSTARTUP we use a variety of different analytics programs to consider and map the customer journey. The metrics derived from these tools help us to identify weak spots in the web journey. These are combined with the active use of A/B testing to hone and improve user engagement. Subtle changes can have dramatic consequences in conversion terms.

The tools of the UX trade

The use of imagery, the heading or title of an article, the positioning of navigation and routes to further, more detailed information – are all elements which can be tweaked and changed to improve your customer’s unique journey.

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