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Social Media

GETSTARTUP’s comprehensive social media strategies, including social media marketing, offer our clients a vital tool for gaining maximum web exposure.

SEO is constantly evolving, and the team at GETSTARTUP ensure they keep up so client websites aren’t left behind.

For a website to survive, it needs to stay on top of those changes. Over the last few years social media has become more and more invaluable to the effective optimisation of a website.

Why is social media so useful?

Using social media platforms to engage with the client base, build trust, increase customer loyalty, and grow brand recognition, can quickly establish your company as the go-to place for certain products and services.

Furthermore, interacting with people on the various platforms available can improve customer service and increase your website’s exposure as individuals share, like, and re-tweet posts with their own friends and followers.

With greater trust in your company and loyalty to your brand, coupled with more visitors, comes the opportunity to increase sales. GETSTARTUP can help you out here too, by improving your website’s design, functionality, and ecommerce.

The power of social media should not be underestimated.

What GETSTARTUP can do for you?

Our social media offering can:

  • 1.Help create brand awareness
  • 2.Provide improved customer service
  • 3.Inspire your audience to engage with your brand
  • 4.Build customer loyalty and a relationship with your client base
  • 5.Drive more traffic to your siteIncrease sales

How will we do it?

Every company and target audience is different, so what we provide varies from client to client. We tailor what we do for you, so you can get the most out of social media.

We create a social media strategy –

This determines exactly what you want to achieve, identifies your target audience, and helps you decide which social media platforms are most suitable for your campaign.

We form a schedule –

Choosing themes for your content and planning how often you want to generate posts to your audience is undertaken at this stage.

We set up social media accounts –

Don’t worry about building your profile pages, we’ll do it on your behalf to ensure they fit with your brand and complement your website.

We monitor and manage your social media activity –

See your social media pages flourish. We’ll create attention-grabbing, quality content that encourages your readers to share, like, and re-tweet. We can also act as a ‘go-between’ for your company by interacting with customers who post comments.

We measure results –

You’ll want to know that your social media campaign is working. We can help you set up Google Analytics to monitor the traffic coming into your site from your social media platforms, or we can do this on your behalf and send monthly reports.

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