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SEO is the beating heart of what we do at GETSTARTUP

Effective SEO is lead generation for the modern age. In today’s tech-savvy era, brands can no longer rely on word of mouth to generate work; a whole generation of customers.

By improving your brand visibility and presence on the internet, you can drive traffic to your website and, ultimately, generate new enquiries cost effectively.


Keyword – Identifying the keywords and keyword phrases which will lead potential clients and customers to your website is the very essence of a successful SEO campaign.

Keyword analysis – Whether you wish to commence a paid search campaign or intend targeting natural search results, the analysis of keyword phrases and the organisation of relevant groups and categories, particularly the generic and tertiary terms, as well as long tail strings, will be fundamental in securing the best positions in search rankings for your website.

Links – The linking structure of your website is key to displaying authority to the search engine spiders. A well-thought-out linking campaign is therefore vital in a strong SEO campaign.

Search Engine Algorithms – At GETSTARTUP, we have seen and experienced all the noteworthy large-scale algorithm changes implemented by Google, including Florida, Penguin and Panda. Our team of brilliant, technical analysts is one of the most accomplished in the field and its members are regularly involved in idea exchanging among some of the world’s leading authorities within the field.

Website Architecture – The structure and sub-division of a website is central to ensuring strong performance in respect of ‘search’. From clear URL naming conventions to a well-developed microsite structure, GETSTARTUP can ensure your website is built to SEO best practice standards.

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